Curated tour of foreign dignitaries to showcase normalcy in valley to the outside world is misleading: Hurriyat (M)

Demands dialogue between India and Pakistan on Kashmir

Srinagar, Feb 17: Hurriyat (M) in a statement demanded dialogue between India, Pakistan and people of Jammu abs and Kashmir.

In a statement issued here APHC said, ” the people of Jammu & Kashmir have for the past 74 years been incessantly demanding the resolution of the Kashmir conflict that arose in 1947 , when India and Pakistan two newly formed states , divided J&K between them , with both claiming it in its entirety as an “integral part “ without ascertaining the will of the people of J&K”

“The Commitments made to the people of J&K by the Governments of both the states at that time , that their fundamental right the right to decide their future will be honoured , stands unfulfilled to this day,.” It added.

All attempts by hurriyat (M)  seeking dialogue between India Pakistan and people of J&K as a  means of peaceful resolution of the issue stand snubbed .instead the leadership is jailed and harassed, it reads.

“Meanwhile efforts are on to change the demographic composition of the the state to undermine its disputed nature , after it was downgraded to a union territory of India and brought under its direct rule .  All forms of peaceful protest or dissent by the  people to this  unilateral authoritarian move and its resultant effects , is curbed by force as the number of armed troops in the valley is highest anywhere in the world,.” It said.

The statement said, ” such situations are a curated tour of foreign dignitaries to showcase normalcy  in the valley to the outside world is misleading .  Peoples spontaneous strike ,the only means of protest left to them , speaks volumes to the world of what people feel and want,” it added.

APHC appeals to the delegation that for the sake of peace in this highly volatile region to use its good offices and help in facilitating dialogue among India Pakistan and people of J&K for the resolution of this long standing dispute and being an end to decades of uncertainty and suffering of the people of J&K.

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