Srinagar police busts gang of women burglars, Rs 90,000 recovered

Srinagar, Oct 02: Jammu and Kashmir police today busted a gang of women burglars in Srinagar by arresting five women thieves who were involved in pickpocketing and other theft incidents in busy markets like Gonikhan and other adjoining areas of the city.

Speaking to the media men in Srinagar, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Srinagar Dr Haseeb Mughal said that a group of eight thieves has been arrested of which five are women. “

So far, Rs 90,000 stolen cash has been recovered from the arrested group besides huge quantity of stolen purses, keys, LCD TVs, furnishing items etc,” Dr Mughal said while addressing press conference in Srinagar.

He said these women would get closer to the women in busy markets like Gonikhan and other busy markets and take away purses with cash and later buy goods for their own houses from the stolen cash.

“Some of these women were wearing pheran and they would operate in Gonikhan, Maharajabazar, LD hospital, HariSingh High Street areas of Srinagar. This group would target rural women, who come from various districts for marriage related shopping to Srinagar,” he said.

The SSP said first one woman pickpocket was arrested who revealed names of other members of her group—(KNO)

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