Investigation started after militants post Hit list of many people on social media, says Police

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Srinagar, September 03: Police has started investigation after a hit list of some people went viral on social media.

In a statement, police said that, on 29th August and 2nd of September 2020, militants leaders acting under instruction from across, conspired with some of their overground associates and other anti social elements and prepared hit lists containing names and details of civilians, activists, political workers and Security Force personnel.

“Such hit lists were uploaded and with the help of cyber OGWs these were circulated widely apparently with two motives: Use it as a direction to other militants operating elsewhere and their associates to target these persons and also to terrorise civilians, government employees and security personnel from serving the public honestly and sincerely because that would mean restoration and victory of peace and prosperity and defeat of fear, violence and lawlessness which the militants and secessionist represent,” police said.

Separately but connectedly a fake image depicting a young boy joining the militant ranks too was created and uploaded to spread negativity and also harm the boy variously, the police said

“Police has taken the cognizance of the matter and an FIR has been registered & a full fledged criminal investigation backed by technical teams has been initiated and efforts are afoot to identify both the original offenders who created the content as well as others who are allowing their connections and accounts to maintain the communication systems of the militant networks,” police said.

“It is to be borne in mind that in the event of harm coming to any of the persons in these lists, persons propagating these lists by way of forwarding or copying and reposting shall be equally liable variously for murder, grievous injuries, kidnapping and criminal intimidation”.

Kashmir Police also is seeking help from general public in identifying such miscreants who are aiding and abetting militants agenda, the statement added.

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