‘Either give us rights or deport us: Pakistani wives of former militants to Govt

Pic sources: KNS

Srinagar, Sep 1,: Pakistani wives of former Kashmiri militants, who returned to the Valley through Nepal under a government rehabilitation scheme, staged a protest, here on Tuesday, urging government to either deport them or give citizenship to them.

They alleged non-fulfilment of promises and said first they were allowed to enter into Valley along with their Kashmiri husbands and then ‘harassed’ and deprived of all rights in Kashmir.

Misbah, one of the participants in the protest said that they were eager to meet their families back in Pakistan but government is not providing travel documents to them.

“We appeal the government to provide us facilities and travel documents to help settle with our families in the Valley,” she said adding that they feel they are living in prison.

Scores of Kashmiri youth went to Pakistan, crossing the line of control (LoC), for arms training after militancy erupted in early 90s. Some of them married and settled down there. Many, however, returned to Kashmir via Nepal with their families after the Omar Abdullah government in 2010 announced a rehabilitation scheme for surrendered militants.

The protesting women said that they are getting inhuman treatment. “Either give us all the rights or deport us to Pakistan. We are also human beings and want to live a respectful life,” the protesting women said. (KNT)

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