Admin Allows Conditional ‘Home Isolation’ of Asymptomatic Patients

Srinagar, Aug 29: Administration on Friday directed for the revision of protocol visa-a-vis management of asymptomatic COVID19 patients with no comorbidity and vulnerability, presently being treated at various facility centres across Jammu and Kashmir.

An order , reads that, “… the revision of protocol with regard to management of COVID-19 patients, who are asymptomatic with no comorbidity and are not vulnerable otherwise shall be applicable to Jammu Division also.”

Such patients, as per the order, are to be permitted for home isolation on fulfillment of certain conditions.

The conditions, as per the order, include; Separate room available in their (patient) home; Have downloaded Aarogya Setu application in their phones, Poster shall be pasted outside their home displaying therein that the resident has been quarantined.

The quarantined patients, as per the order, shall be provided with Oximeter to monitor their oxygen saturation and in event of drop of the Oxygen level below 90%, they shall immediately be hospitalised.

Reach out teams shall be constituted by the Directorate of Health Services, Jammu/Kashmir to monitor health status of the patient, the order reads.

Meanwhile, all asymptomatic contacts of COVID19 patient will be allowed home quarantine and tested on the sixth day of the contact. In case, the test of the contact comes positive, defined protocol for COVID19 shall be followed, the order reads further. (GNS)

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