If Nagas could have a special status, why can’t JK people? asks PDP

Srinagar August 19: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday  welcomed the Naga peace accord, terming such initiative a way forward towards conflict resolution at large.

In a statement, PDP spokesman has said that while the out of box solution to a long-pending humanitarian and political problems facing the country is a welcome measure, it is ironic that the BJP led government at the centre is promising the Nagas same things that it snatched from the people of Jammu and Kashmir last year in August.

The spokesman said that the special position secured by Jammu and Kashmir at the time of accession in 1947 was not a charity given to the state by the union of India but was an outcome of thorough deliberations and discussions between the two parties.

“Government of India, parliament and even the President cannot scarp 370 in a unilateral way. When it was agreed upon by the two parties, it was imperative that both the parties should have agreed to its dilution or scraping. What GOI did to Jammu and Kashmir was a constitutional fraud,” PDP spokesman said.

“Idea of securing regional autonomy, internal sovereignty- own constitution- flag and protecting to indigenous people is a welcome move but same federal guarantees and rights were assured and guaranteed to JK people and unfortunately scraped by BJP regime that’s promising Nagas everything we had at a time,” said the party spokesman.

PDP added that Federalism is the only way ahead as centralization has choked space to states and choked ways and means for resolution of all conflicts.

“If Government is willing to innovate solutions, it definitely needs to be unconventional and see things in a larger humanitarian context. The Government should make Mr Vajpayee’s way of functioning as its guiding principle as he sought resolution of the vexed issued in the ambit of Insaniyat. Jingoistic vocabulary and fake nationalism narrative has killed the soul of democracy,” said the PDP spokesman.


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