Admin to Install CCTV Cameras In Public Places, Offices for ‘Additional Surveillance’ in Anantnag

Srinagar, Jul 30: In a bid to up the ‘surveillance’, district administration Anantnag on Thursday has decided to install CCTV cameras in the offices and public places.

An order in this regard reads that “In order to keep an eye on anti-social elements and their acts thereof, there is a need for additional surveillance measures which include installation and extensive usage of CCTV cameras in public places/offices with adequate data storage capacity (sic.)”.

Exercising his powers conferred under section(s) 133, 134 and 144 CrPC, K.K Sidha District Magistrate Anantnag, as per the order, has asked the district/sectoral heads of all the departments/organisations to ensure installation of CCTV cameras in and outside their office premises with data storage capacity of minimum seven days. Similarly, Muncipul committees/councils shall ensure installation of CCTV in their offices as well as busy market places, bus stations and at Entry Free Collection Check Posts etc. within their respective jurisdictions.

The order further maintains that the public/private sector banks, insurance companies and all central government departments shall also ensure installation of CCTV cameras in and outside their office premises.

The proprietors of shopping malls/complexes and all other business establishments including hotels, restaurants and clinics/nursing homes/hospitals shall also ensure installation of CCTV in and around their buildings, the order read.

The CCTV HDD (Storage device) shall be always kept available for the usage of Law Enforcing Agencies as as and when required, the order read further. (GNS)

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