Unprecedented shutdown in Ladakh over “grave discrimination”

'Demand law to bar non-locals to avail Govt. jobs'

Ladakh, July 24: Kargil and Leh parts of Ladakh Friday observed a complete shutdown against what the locals called ‘grave indiscrimination’ being done to the students in terms of government employment.

The call for shutdown was forwarded by ‘All India Kargil Ladakh Students Union’ and it was supported by all the political and religious both Muslim and Buddhist organizations of the region.

All the shops and business establishments remained shut while life was completely hit due to unprecedented shutdown.

Locals said that shutdown is aimed to convey a message to Government of India that people in the region wants a law that will bar outsiders to seek government jobs.

They said people of Ladakh should be allowed to apply for the posts advertised by Jammu and Kashmir Bank and other government departments.

A student leader Muhammad Asif Khan said that recently Jammu Kashmir Bank advertised various posts but aspirants from Ladakh were not allowed to apply for those posts.

“This shutdown is being observed to press for various demands. A law should be implemented which could bar outsiders from seeking jobs in Ladakh. People should be allowed to apply for government jobs in Jammu and Kashmir as well. These demands are genuine and people especially students community is very frustrated due to influx of non-locals in the region,” said a group of students.

They said there is delay in DSSRB results, uncertainty in recruitment procedure, job insecurity and lack of any domicile law. (KNT)

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