Beware of cyber fraudsters, verify properly before buying anything on OlX, Facebook: Police

Srinagar, July 19: The cyber fraudsters are posting fake advertisements regarding  sales of motorcycles, cars and other valuable articles on platforms like OLX and Facebook, police said.

“Whenever any customer shows interest to buy the item posted by fraudsters, he is made to believe that they are working in army or other security agency and due to their transfer to some other place ,they are selling articles in lower prices and hence make innocent and unaware people to transfer the amount into their e-wallets/bank accounts and finally cheat them and get their hard earned money” said Superintendent Police Cyber Police, Tahir Ashraf

To prevent Cyber frauds and to save general public from these fraudesters, Cyber Police Srinagar advised general public to follow precautionary measures/ instructions issued from time to time to avoid losing their money, while intending to purchase any article shown in OLX portal or Facebook.

According to the cyber police advisory, “Verify the product posted in OLX portal physically, before transferring any amount to the seller; Do not believe the ID cards sent by these fraudesters on the name of Army personnels ,as they are always fake .Do not believe these fraudster when they make you believe that the amount will be returned, once product is delivered.”

It also reads, ” Ask for the original documents/bills for the products of the article, you intend to purchase, prior to paying any amount; and Don’t scan the QR codes sent by the OLX fraudsters for transfer money, as those transactions are fraudulent one. Never pay more money than the price of the article on pretext of GST, Shipment charges ,delay taxes etc.

Cyber Police also said that it  is continuously receiving complaints regarding phishing (OTP Frauds) and OLX/Facebook Scams.

While divulging the details, SP Cyber Police Kashmir Tahir Ashraf sais that, during last two days Cyber Police Kashmir Zone saved Rs 130000 of the gullible people from the fraudsters and also blocked different fake bank account numbers which were involved in the commission of crime. General Public is advised to immediately contact Cyber Police Srinagar in case of any such incident. (KNS)

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