Amendments to Building Operations Act: Construction activities in strategic areas is ruse to allow changing demographics in Kashmir, says PC

Srinagar July 18: Slamming the decisions by the administrative council paving the way for notifying “strategic areas” for the armed forces, Peoples Conference senior vice president Abdul Gani Vakil in a statement said that these moves are meant to alter, unrecognisably, the destiny of the people of Kashmir.

Asserting that the present proposal is aimed at taking complete control of these ‘strategic areas’, Vakil said that construction activities in strategic areas is ruse to allow changing the demographics and population ratio in Kashmir.

“Why should the government need to give a go by to Control of Building Operations Act, 1988 and the J&K Development Act, 1970? These laws require compliance of Master Plan, building bye-laws and Land Use rules. The government is otherwise empowered to acquire land for defence purposes under existing laws”, he added.

Stressing that Delhi seems to be on a one way trip to disaster in Kashmir, Vakil said that as much as the saner and rational elements are hoping against hope that good sense might prevail in Delhi, Delhi on the other hand seems to be goading the Kashmiris every day.

“This whole exercise is shocking There will be long term consequences. The fight in Kashmir has always been between the unionists and the separatists. One fails to understand whose side Delhi is on. The unionists have been left red faced and humiliated – being rendered to helpless mute bystanders while non locals sit across a table and decide on the fate and destiny of the inhabitants of J and K”, he added.

Vakil further said that it is ironical that in the midst of COVID, the administration actually has the time to come up with such lengthy gibberish.

“A state where COVID is truly on rampage and where the administration is so drowned in a world of its own that you can’t find a tablet of the life saving drug Remdesivir, they have the audacity of sitting across a table bring in changes meant to alter unrecognisably the destiny of the people of Kashmir. These are sad days. And now it seems certain that Delhi is keen to push the Kashmiris to the wall. The damage being inflicted is irreversible.”

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