Pakistan opens transit route for Afghan exports to India through Waga border from July 15

Pic Courtesy: Dawn

Islamabad, July 14: The Pakistan Foreign Office on Monday said that Afghan exports to India through the Wagah border would resume from July 15, Dawn news reported.

The decision, the FO said, had been taken on Afghanistan’s req­uest for facilitating its transit trade. The trade would be conducted under the Covid-19 protocols.

“With this step, Pakistan has fulfilled its commitments under the Pakistan-Afghanistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA). Pakistan has restored bilateral trade and Afghan transit trade at all border crossing terminals to pre-Covid-19 status,” the FO said according to the Dawn, the oldest newspaper of Pakistan.

Under the 2010 bilateral trade agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Afghan exports to India are allowed through the Wagah border. The agreement, however, does not allow Indian exports to Afghanistan through Pakistani territory.

The trade under the agreement was suspended in March after the Covid-19 outbreak when Pakistan closed all land border crossings with neighbours.

Last week, Angor Adda Border Crossing was opened for bilateral trade. Kharlachi crossing on Pak-Afghan border, too, has been opened for traffic.  (Dawn)

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