Congress questions Govt over delay in holding J and K Assembly Polls

Cong questions Govt over delay in holding J and K Assembly Polls

New Delhi: The Congress on Friday questioned the Government over the delay in holding the Assembly polls in Jammu and Kashmir.

Taking part in the discussion in the Lok Sabha on the statutory resolution moved by Union Home Minister Amit Shah which seeks six-month extension of President’s Rule in Jammu and Kashmir with effect from July 3, Congress member Manish Tewari said if there is a elected government in Jammu and Kashmir then it will give strength in fighting terrorism and separatist forces.

‘If the Jammu and Kashmir Lok Sabha polls can be held together with General Election then why not the Assembly polls in the State,’he asked..

Congress leader said that the issue of Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive issue.

He held Pakistan responsible for causing problems in Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir, after it was partitioned and Bangladesh was created.

Citing history of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly polls, the Congress member said National Conference government was formed in Jammu & Kashmir in 1996 and it continued for six years till 2002.

In 2002, polls were held and The PDP- Congress government was formed.

The Congress member said the phase from 2005 to 2008 was a relatively peaceful period in Jammu and Kashmir and terrorism activities reduced in the State.

Tewari said in 2014, the BJP government was formed and a stable state was handed by the Congress.

He said the BJP formed the government with PDP in 2015 which was an “Alliance of ideologically incompatiblity’.

Congress leader blamed BJP and PDP for setting a foundation of President’s rule in Jammu & Kashmir.

“We will support government in fighting terrorism but the battle against terrorism can only be won if the people support you,” Tewari said.

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