Jamiat-e-Talaba rebuts IGP Jammu statement, says it has no links with militancy

Srinagar: Jamiat-e-Talaba on Tuesday said that it does not have any links with any militant organisation or any milutant and that the activities of the Jamiat are peaceful.

In response to a statement by IGP Jammu on April 29, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Jammu and Kashmir, in a statement said that it wants to put on record that the organisation has no links with any militant person or organization and that all our activities are peaceful and within the ambit of law of the land.

“None of our activities are unconstitutional or detrimental to peace or law and order. Hundreds of students associated with IJT are and remain law abiding citizens and never indulge in any subversive activity. 

“Most importantly, we feel it pertinent to mention that IJT is a non-political students’ organization and stays away even from any sort of political activity. All our activities focus on imparting moral values to students and guiding them in education and achieving excellence in professional careers so as to make them productive members of society.

“The person mentioned by the police is not a member of IJT and has nothing to do with our organization. He might have attended any of our public meetings somewhere in Kashmir in the past, like hundreds of students do, but he has never officially been part of our organization anytime in the past. 

“As per police records, the person in question is studying outside the State and IJT does not operate anywhere outside the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Our activities are restricted within the boundaries of the State of Jammu and Kashmir,” the statement said.



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