2,768 security men withdrawn to 919 protected persons including 22 separatists: MHA

Srinagar: Government  has withdrawn security cover from 919 undeserving persons, since Governor’s Rule (20th June, 2018) in the State, thereby freeing 2,768 police personnel and 389 vehicles, Ministry of Home Affairs in a statement issued by Press Information Bureau (PIB), government of India.

“The move follows strict stance by Union Home Ministry on inappropriate usage of scarce police resources in the State. It was observed by the Centre that many undeserving persons managed to get security cover resulting in lack of State police resources for the public at large. Accordingly, Union Home Ministry directed the State Govt. that a case by case in-depth review may be taken on merits,” reads the statement.

The statement further says that following these strict directions, J&K State Security Review Coordination Committee (SRCC) held regular meetings to examine all the cases to ensure strict compliance as per norms, adding that “after the review, the State Govt. withdrew 2,768 Police personnel from 919 undeserving persons and also from those who were having security cover excess than their entitlement. 389 vehicles were also withdrawn.”

“The list of persons whose security cover has been withdrawn by the State Government includes 22 separatist leaders giving a clear message to those who are involved in anti-national activities,” says the statement, adding that the move has resulted in availability of 2,768 Police personnel and 389 vehicles. These resources could now be better utilized for public service.

The statement further said that as per the directions of GoI, SRCC will continue to further examine and review the requirement of security cover on case to case basis, based on merit, so that scarce and expensive resources could be freed and engaged to do regular police work.

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