Take care of minorities : Jamaat appeals people

Srinagar: Jama’at-i-Islami Jammu and Kashmir while expressing total solidarity with the bereaved family of Sikh youth from Tral killed by some unknown gunmen recently, urged the people of the valley to take all care of the minorities living here and make them feel safe and secure.

The spokesman said that they have been living over here in the friendly and conducive atmosphere for centuries together without being harassed or intimated by the majority community.

“Islam teaches human brotherhood and ordains its followers to safeguard the minority communities even at the cost of their lives and never try to cause any damage or loss to their honour, person or property,” spokesman said.

Jama’at ensures the safety of every human being without any discrimination of caste, colour or creed and treats them as equal human beings.

Jamaat has appealed all people living in Kashmir to maintain their human brotherhood and not to be swayed away “by any disgruntled elements who are bent upon to create disunity among them on the basis of caste or religion or language and also appeals the Sikh fraternity not to get intimated by this very saddening and gruesome incident in which an innocent Sikh youth lost his life”.

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