Our youth have been compelled to pick up gun: PDP leader Safina Beg

Srinagar: President Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Women’s Wing, Safina Beigh has said that Kashmiri youth have been compelled to pick up guns by the successive governments who have ruled the state and Delhi

“As far as militancy is concerned, you have to realize that whichever successive governments have come in power in Delhi or Jammu and Kashmir, it has compelled the Kashmiri youth to pick up gun,” Safina told reporters in Jammu while aiming at BJP and National Conference.

“You have compelled them. These people have compelled our youth to pick up the gun”.

Safina is the wife of PDP patron, Muzzafar Hussein beigh.

“Now those very people are giving us lectures. The party remained in power for 70 years and gave birth to Yasin. They got his sisters harassed in police stations. You want us to repeat it again,” she said.

When the reporters stressed that Safina should identify the party, she said she was speaking about NC.

One of the reporters questioned Safina then why the PDP was ready to form a government with NC, if it was so.

It left her fuming and she asked the reporter that question was inappropriate.

After brief altercation between reporters and Safina, the media men boycotted the interaction and left the venue.

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