JRL constitutes a nucleus that could help process of meaningful dialogue

Srinagar: Former congress leader and union Minister, Prof. Saifuddin Soz, Saturday said that Joint Resistance Leadership constitutes a nucleus that could help the process of a purposeful dialogue.

“I wonder how Government of India will succeed in resolving the crisis in Kashmir when senior BJP leaders like Raj Nath Singh say that the separatists – a reference to JRL – do not lose any occasion to fan ‘anti India sentiment’. This is misreading of the situation in Kashmir,” he said.

“It is a tragic circumstance that Govt. of India does not want to understand that use of force in Kashmir can only lead to worsening of the situation. The only way that can lead to solution of the dispute is through a purposeful dialogue. If that is so, the JRL constitutes a situation that can make dialogue purposeful.”

“It would be prudent for Govt. of India to change its policy of repression through excessive use of force and adopt a policy of Conciliation for which the effective instrument is a Purposeful Dialogue.”

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