Demolition drive turns violent in Jammu, Gujjar families allege harassment

Jammu:: ‘Anti-encroachment’ drive in Jammu on Saturday turned violent when locals mostly from Gujjar community resisted the move and pelted stones on Jammu Development Authority anti-demolition team at Niki Tawi near Fourth Bridge, Bhagatwati Nagar Jammu.

An official from Jammu Development Authority told news agency CNS that they were following court orders, but the ‘encroachers’ attacked them that led to the injuries of several employees including policemen.

Local Gujjars however alleged that only their community is being targeted while others who are also settling in the area are not touched. “Does the court say only Gujjar community should be targeted. This is totally injustice towards us,” they said adding Gujjars are being targeted by BJP centric administration for being Muslim.

“Why did the bulldozers arrive at this Muslim populated area first, when there are dozens of other areas which are even closer to the Tavi river bed?” they asked.

The clashes erupted between people from Gujjar community and Forces personnel comprising local police and CRPF when they arrived in the area to demolish the structures.

As soon as JCB’s were pressed into service, the family members took to roads and pelted stones on them resulting in the injuries of couple of policemen. The Jammu Development Authority called off demolition operation due to massive clashes.

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