Rajnath offers help to ‘Pak for fighting out terrorists’

Rajnath offers help to Pak for fighting out terrorists

Jaipur: In a notable initiative, India on Sunday offered to Pakistan it’s help and cooperation for fighting out menace of terrorism on the soil of the neighbouring country, if the latter wished so.

Making the offer, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, however, categorically held that Kashmir is not an issue for India, it is an integral part of our country.

“If a war can be waged with the help of America in Afghanistan for fighting out terrorists and Taliban, then why can’t India help for fighting out the menace in Pakistan if the latter feels that they can not achieve the task alone and wishes to accept our help”, the Home Minister said at a media conference here this afternoon.

Referring Pakistan leadership recent statement in respect of India, Mr Singh said “Gesture of overlooking and overcoming the bitterness and unpleasant past by both neighbours is a welcome stance. However, they have annexed one undesirable tag of Kashmir issue saying that still remains an issue for them”.

“This second part of the statement is not acceptable to us. I, want to convey this categorical message to Pakistan Prime Minister that Kashmir is not an issue for India. This was an integral of part of India, it still remains so and would remain an integral part of our country forever”, the Home Minister asserted.

There can not be talks on Kashmir, issue is terrorism and on that we can hold talks, he elaborated further.

Talking about terrorism in India, he said situation now improved considerably and the menace now was confined in Jammu and Kashmir, Naxalite violence and insurgency in Northeast was also down by 80-85 per cent and this would be eradicated by next 3 to 5 years.


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