BJP’s Madhav says ‘I take back my comment’ after NC’s Omar demands apology

Srinagar: Bharatiya Janata Party National General Secretary Ram Madhav on Thursday took to a jibe at former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah after he asked him to prove that the alliance between PDP, NC and Congress had Pakistan backing.

Madhav too to twitter and said that since Omar Abdullah has denied any external pressure, “I take back my comment.” He was quick to add: “But, now that you have proved it was a genuine love between NC and PDP that prompted a failed government formation attempt, you should fight next elections together.”

“Just [email protected] n saw this. Now tht u deny any external pressure I take back my comment, bt, now tht u proved it ws a genuine love btw NC n PDP tht prompted a failed govt formation attempt,u shud fight nxt elections 2gether. Mind u it’s pol comnt,not personal (SIC),” Madhaw tweeted.

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