Pakistan behind govt formation in Jammu and Kashmir: Former Dy CM

Kavinder Gupta

Srinagar: Former deputy chief minister and senior leader of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Kavinder Gupta has said that Pakistan was behind the move of government formation in Jammu and Kashmir.

He was speaking to the media in Jammu amid reports that three parties, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), National Conference and Congress have joined hands to form a government in Jammu Kashmir.

The government in the state fell after BJP withdrew its support from PDP on June 16.

“Pakistan is behind the move to form the government in Jammu and Kashmir,” Gupta said.

“It was Pakistan who asked these parties to boycott the elections. Now the move of government formation is direct outcome of the meetings which were held in Dubai and London between these political parties and Pakistani authorities”.

Gupta further accused that the representatives of Congress, NC and PDP met and started process for the government formation  after their Pakistani handlers told them to do so.

He also said the existence of the three parties was at a stake as they were decimated in the recently concluded urban bodies and panchayat polls.

“These parties fielded proxy candidates even as they have boycotted elections,” Gupta said.

“120 candidate of BJP won from Kashmir while 212 from Jammu. Those people who on opposition tickets even supported BJP”.

He said as the existence of these parties was in danger, there was rebellion within the party.

“The governor should stop the formation of government as this move will be against Jammu and Ladakh” Gupta said.

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