Indian forces defeated “Pharaoh’s era”in Kashmir: Jama’at-e-Islami

Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami on Sunday strongly condemned the killings in south Kashmir’s Kulgam.

In a statement Jama’at said ,that due to indiscriminate and reckless firing of bullets and grenades by the Indian forces personnel in Laroo village of Kulgam, five civilians besides three “Mujahideens” got martyred and scores seriously injured.

These types of tragic and heart-wrenching incidents clearly depict that the Indian forces have devised a sinister plan of genocide of Kashmiri youth on the same pattern the Pharaoh of Egypt had once ordered to kill the male infants of Bani-Israel in Egypt.

The history stands a witness to the fact that despite all his barbaric and suppressive tactics, Pharaoh along with his huge and powerful armies got devastated and destroyed by the divine will. All other tyrant powers of the world have met the same fate and the oppressed people have ultimately won. Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir, while vehemently condemning the barbaric and inhuman tyranny of the Indian forces which they have been inflicting upon the innocent and oppressed people of Kashmir since long, pays glowing tributes to all the martyrs of Laroo including Ubaid Ahmad, Irshad Ahmad, Tajamul Ahmad, Saqib Maqbool and Masroor Ahmad, and wishes speedy recovery of the injured.

Jama’at appeals United Nations of Organization (UNO) and other international human rights bodies to take effective steps against the Indian forces involved in these gruesome human rights violations and mass-murder of Kashmiri people and file a criminal case in the International Court of Justice against these brutal forces personnel for violating the most precious human rights and committing war crimes in Kashmir. Jama’at asks the world community to come forward for the safeguard of civilian people of Kashmir who have been victims of all kinds of inhuman atrocities at the hands of the ruthless Indian unruly forces.

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