Being a Kashmiri has become a crime in India, Kashmiri students at AMU being harassed: MLA Langate

Srinagar: Er Rasheed MLA Langate  was detained Sunday after he led a protest march in ‘solidarity’ with Kashmiri students in Aligarh Muslim University who were booked on sedition charges.

The party spokesman in a statement said that despite police restrictions hundreds joined AIP’s march in Srinagar in solidarity with students of Aligarh Muslim University, who are being harassed constantly for offering in absentia funeral prayers of Dr Manan Wani.

Talking to media persons on the occasion Er Rasheed said: “Offering funeral prayers of anyone including those of Manan Wani is not a crime but a fundamental religious obligation. AMU Administration has filed charges of sedition against Kashmiri students only under pressure from local BJP leaders just to polarize the issue and gain electoral dividends.”

“Whatsoever is being attributed to students is absolutely false and baseless. AMU is a prestigious institution and the only aim to drag the university into controversies is to interfere in the affairs of the university and abolish its Muslim dominated character. Kashmiri students are being targeted only for the reason that they are Kashmiris and being a Kashmiri has become a crime in India,” he said.

Er Rasheed added that every Kashmir stands with the students who are being subjected to mental torture and harassment not only in AMU but everywhere in India. Er Rasheed demanded the withdrawal of FIR against students and sought revocation of suspension orders of students who have been accused of raising anti-India slogans.

He said that Delhi is responsible for all the oppression against Kashmiris not only in Kashmir but outside the state as well and has chocked the political space for Kashmiris everywhere.

“Protesters chanting slogans continued their march towards Lal Chowk but a heavy contingent of Police dispersed them and took Er Rasheed into custody and detained him at Police Station Rajbagh,” said spokesman.


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