JRL terms elections as ‘political gimmick to hoodwink int’l community, ’ appeals for boycott

Srinagar: Joint Resistance Leaders (JRL) comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik while rejecting any electoral process as ‘a substitute to right to self-determination’, once again made a fervent appeal to the freedom loving people of Kashmir to observe a complete election boycott to the upcoming municipal and local bodies elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

Urging the people to rise to the occasion to disprove any Indian writ on the ground in the shape of peoples’ support, the JRL as per a statement issued to KNS termed the election as ‘a political gimmick to hoodwink the International community that the people of Kashmir enjoy Indian democracy freely’.

“The highest per capita military power used in Jammu and Kashmir, in addition to the para-military and state police forces to conduct elections, speaks volumes about their civil liberty and other political and social rights of the people,” JRL said.

The JRL while referring to the election history of the state said that in 1953, when the constituent assembly was created, all the 76 MLA’s were elected unopposed and the people remained aloof from any voting process. “The contemporary democratic world is not familiar with this kind of democracy?,” asked JRL.

However, the JRL reiterated its stand that the people of Kashmir are engaged in a movement for right to self determination for which we have a huge investment in the shape of 650000 human lives, billions of worth property and honour, so the participation in any kind of elections is dead impossible.

The trio termed the much-hyped elections as ‘a bait’ to lure the pro-Indian politicians acting “agents” to change the demography and state subject law and to exploit the economic benefits of the state.

While paying tributes to the Imam Hussain (RA), JRL termed his sacrifices as “a symbol of bravery to fight tyranny and subjugation. He taught us to differentiate between Right and Wrong and stand by the right, come what may.”

The JRL appealed for “maintaining the unity and brotherhood at any cost, at the critical juncture of history when the forces and other elements with sinister designs are hell bent to drive a wedge in the sectarian harmony under the imperial method of Divide and Rule.”

They also appealed the learned Ulamas, belonging to Shia and Sunni schools of thought, to shoulder their responsibilities to maintain unity and brotherhood at all levels.

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