Pakistan PM offers assistance for flood-hit Kerala

Pak PM offers assistance for flood-hit Kerala 

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, on behalf of people of Pakistan, has offered to provide humanitarian assistance in the wake of devastating floods in the Indian state of Kerala, the media reports have said.

The premier said this as he extended “prayers and best wishes to those who have been devastated by the floods in Kerala, India”.

Meanwhile, more than 1.3 million people have now been packed into temporary camps in Kerala as more people entered relief camps to escape the devastation carried out by the floods, which have left at least 420 dead and missing so far, are fast receding.

Earlier in the day, the leaders of flood-stricken Kerala state angrily hit out at India’s national government for rejecting a $100 million aid offer from the United Arab Emirates.

The New Delhi government infuriated the Kerala administration by rejecting the cash offer from the wealthy Gulf state.

About 50,000 homes have been destroyed, according to one Kerala legislator, and people are flocking to the camps as the scale of the desolation is revealed by receding waters.

A total of 1,028,000 people were now recorded in about 3,200 relief camps across the state.

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