Eid festivity continues in Kashmir, children visit parks

Eid celebration continues in Kashmir, children visit parks

Srinagar: Eid-ul-Azha celebrations continued in the Kashmir valley, where people are still in festival mood while children are visiting parks and gardens and elders are distributing meat of sacrificial animals on the third day on Friday.

Government offices and banks recorded very less attendance while newspaper offices also reopened after two days holiday. Majority shops and business establishments still remain closed at business hubs in the city and elsewhere in the city.

People are out visiting their relatives and friends and exchanging gifts on the occasion of Bakar-Eid. Due to heavy rush frequent traffic jam was witnessed on several busy routes in the uptown and down town.

Children in their colourful dresses were seen visiting parks and gardens in the city, where roadside vendors had put up stalls.

Not a single newspaper of more than 150 English, Urdu and Kashmiri newspapers could hit the stands for the second day as all media offices remained closed on August 22 and 23 in the wake of Eid.

Even the regional and national newspapers also could not be distributed by hawkers due to Eid.

However, few newspapers were updating their online editions. Due to non-publication of newspapers the morning programme ‘headlines’ from Radio Kashmir, Srinagar and Doordarshan was affected. As some newspapers resumed normal work, newspapers will hit the stand tomorrow.

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