Public property loot case: BDO Kanipora constitutes inquiry to locate missing LCD TV from his office, but says he has not ‘seen such item’


Telling the tale: An empty shelf where the LCD TV was kept in BDO office Kanipora


By Salaar Khan

Srinagar: Block Development Officer (BDO), Kanipora, Aijaz Ahmad Shah, has constituted an inquiry to locate the missing LCD TV in his office, but said he has not seen any such item in his office.

“The fact is that undersigned joined the block on 28.04.2016 and during take over no such item was either visible in office nor was any LED/LCD handed over to undersigned. The block was without any BDO for almost a month before I assumed the charge,” Shah wrote to The Kashmir Press.

BDO BK pora has shot a rebuttal to The Kashmir Press regarding the story “Loot of public property: How BDO Kanipora took department’s LCD TV to his home for personal use?” wherein the report revealed how he said officer has taken out the LCD TV and shifted to his home.

“Kindly refer your baseless news regarding loot of public property at block Kanipora . The news item is vehemently denied as their is no proof in it,” he wrote.

“Further for your kind information any departmental purchases are properly documented and entered on official Stock Register,and any issuance /write off,/ disposal etc. is done as per proper procedure. The undersigned has never seen nor taken any Such item”.

He wrote that to allay any fears of any wrong doings a proper inquiry has been initiated. sell my house

“If you have any such knowledge or any other so called your departmental official has any knowledge with regard to same, you are requested to share the same with this department so that appropriate action will be taken,” Shah wrote

“Keeping in view of above the baseless and without any substantiated evidence the news item is rebutted. And further you are requested to officially verify the authenticity of any malicious content before publicising. The undersigned reserves the right to take legal course should an unconditional apology not tendered and wrong news item is not retracted”.


The Kashmir Press Story

The Kashmir Press stands by its story.

The Press report has produced a photograph, and taken quotes from the relevant people including the former BDO and the contractor who purchased the LCD TV.

It is also ironical that the BDO Kaniopra office remained in deep slumber till date despite the empty shelf clearly indicating there used to be a LCD TV inside the office.


What did Kashmir Press Story contain?

 The story carried by the Press revealed how the LCD TV was removed by the current BDO B Kanipora, Aijaz Ahmad Shah after he took reigns of the office.  The officials told The Press that the officer took the LCD TV to his home stealthily.

While investigating further about the missing LCD TV, The Kashmir Press contacted the former BDO Kanipora, Zubair Ahmad Bhat, who confirmed that the BDO office Kanipora was given a new makeover during his tenure. He also said they had brought the LCD TV and put it in the office.

Another official in the BDO office said that the contract for the renovation of the office was given to the contractor Bashir Ahmad.

When contacted Bashir Ahmad, he said that he brought the Samsung LCD TV worth 28000 rupees and then put it in the BDO Kanipora office on the glass shelf.

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