It was a chance lunch, Drabu on meeting Sajjad Lone in New Delhi

Srinagar: Former Finance Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Haseeb Drabu on Friday dismissed speculations that he had gone to Delhi to discuss possibilities of a new government formation in Kashmir.

Ever since the fall of BJP-PDP government in Jammu and Kashmir and the seeming rebellion against the PDP by some of it’s MLAs, speculations have been going rife about the different coalitions of MLAs and party leaders cobbling up an alliance to form a third front. Haseeb Drabu’s name along with Sajjad Gani Lone was at the top of such players.

However Drabu on Friday took to his twitter handle  and in  a series of tweets dismissed the speculations of meeting anyone in Delhi for a political purpose, “Must say takes some talent & no doing to whip up a “storm” in the valley these days! A chance lunch, a few light hearted laughs, back slapping bonhomie, that too in the presence of journalist friends, is made out to be a political potboiler! Can imaginations be put to better use?,” he wrote in one of his tweets.

Further taking a dig at the those who are running the rumour mills, he wrote ,“These days it seems I surface at different places at the same time & there is a lot of interest in where I am who I meet, what I discuss. I will save you the trouble of finding out by updating #whereishaseebdrabu with my whereabouts!”

Earlier on Thursday it was said that Haseeb Drabu in a secret meeting had met Sajjad Gani Lone to discuss possible government formation in the state.

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