DAK appreciates resumption of emergency and critical services by resident Doctors

Srinagar, 6 July: Retreating their vehement appeal to government to full fill all demands of resident doctors , Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Friday welcomed the decision of Resident Doctor’s Association of GMC’s Srinagar for restoring emergency and critical care services in the larger interest of common people.

In a statement issued here DAK advised doctors working in rural health care system to work more effectively and curtail referral to Tertiary Care Hospitals because of ongoing strike and stalemate between Resident doctors and government.

DAK however reminded that government must give equal pay for equal work , as doctors of all Medical colleges qualify same entrance exam and must be treated as equal amongst equals.

Dr Suhail Naik, President DAK said that we are projecting our geniune demands like two and half day salary, risk allowances, rural allowances for last many years, but nothing real has happened on the ground level.

He said that it is moral and ethical responsibility of higher authorities to address  all pending geniune demands with out forcing  to opt for strike as last resort .

General Secretary DAK, Dr Owais H Dar said, “strike always remains the last option in the democratic setup but it is moral responsibility concerned authorities to look after geniune demands. Patients who are suffering are our own and it causes us utmost distress when we see them in agony but when we ourselves are not comfortable how can we treat them and give them comfort.”

DAK also  appealed the governor N.N Vohra to take a serious look into the all genuine demands of doctors of J&K once for all , so that fraternity to get back sheen of ‘sacrosanct’ profession.



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