Iran committed to nuke deal despite US sanction pressures

Tehran: Asserting that  Iran respects the international regulations, including the non-proliferation treaties, oil-rich country’s President Hassan Rouhani said that the Islamic republic has been committed to its nuclear deal obligations over the past years and will remain to do so.

Rouhani made the remarks on Tuesday at a conference in Switzerland’s capital Bern, with his Swiss counterpart Alain Berset.

The two Presidents expressed their support for the Iranian international nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a report in Chinese state news agency Xinhua said on Wednesday.

In a meeting with the Swiss President on Monday,  Rouhani said,”We announce to the world that Iran respects the international regulations including the non-proliferation treaties.”

The deal is a “multilateral, international agreement,” and the US withdrawal from the accord proved its lack of commitment to the international obligations.

Describing the JCPOA as a big diplomatic victory for the world, the Swiss President said, “All countries should work to preserve the accord, which is the outcome of a lengthy diplomatic process and has been endorsed by the United Nations Security Council.”

President Rouhani said constructive interaction with the world is the key principle of Iran’s foreign policy, adding “We have never taken a step to harm a country and will never do so in the future.”

“We declare that Iran wants fair legal relations with the world in a peaceful and sustainable manner. We will play our part very well in this regard,” Rouhani was quoted as saying by Islamic Republic News Agency.

However, the Iranian nation has never bowed and will never bow to US pressures, he said, adding “The farther we get from each other, the more plots the enemy will hatch. Our duty is to make efforts for the development and more welfare of the Iranian nation.”

“The Americans have claimed that they want to completely block Iranian oil exports, Do this if you can and see its consequences,” the Iranian President warned.

US President Donald Trump has asked Saudi Arabia to increase its oil exports to compensate the shortage in the market demands in case Iran’s crude exports drop.

Iran’s Petroleum Ministry has said it has been prepared for the worst-case scenarios in case the US pressures take effect. (UNI)


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