Five lynched in Maharashtra over suspicion of being child-lifters

Dhule :In yet another case of mob fury triggered by rumours, five men were lynched on the suspicion of being child-lifters in Maharashtra’s Rainpada village of Dhule district, police said, India today reported


The incident comes in the backdrop a spate of similar such incidents in several parts of the country when people were either attacked or lynched on suspicion that they were child abductors.


The five, along with a few others, were seen getting down from a state transport bus in the tribal-dominated Rainpada hamlet, police said.

When one of them apparently tried to speak to a girl child, the villagers, who had gathered for the weekly Sunday market, pounced on them, they said.


At around 11am on Sunday, a mob armed with stones and sticks surrounded the five men and started to beat them. The victims were later locked in a room and beaten again. All five of them succumbed to their injuries.


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