‘Investigate Lal Singh for Shujaat’s assassination’-KWJA asks police

Srinagar: The Kashmir Working Journalists Association (KWJA) on Saturday while condemning the Lal Singh’s recent ‘threatening’ statement to Kashmir based journalists said, “It looks evident that he is privy to the circumstances under which Shujaat Bukhari has been assassinated”.

Meanwhile the association has asked J&K police chief to approach Singh in connection with the case so as to unmask the killers.

“Now I will tell Kashmiri journalists to draw a line on the journalism you do and how you have to live. Do you have to live like what happened to Basharat (apparently trying to mention Rising Kashmir editor late Shujaat Bukhari who was assassinated by unknown gunmen in Srinagar on 14 June),” Singh while addressing a press conference on Friday said.

The KWJA describes Singh’s press briefing as intimidating to Kashmiri journalists and ask police to take cognizance of it.

“Police should take cognizance of Lal Singh’s words the way it took cognizance of his brother’s unparliamentarily language against former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti during a protest rally in Jammu,” he added.

KWJA in a meeting today condemned Singh’s words and said no politician can define do’s and don’ts for journalists.

“The journalists in Kashmir are discharging their duties by setting “highest degree of professional standards” and therefore they do not need sermons from politicians nor would they be cowed down by intimidation,” he said.

“Journalists in Kashmir have often found themselves sitting ducks for both state as well as non-state actors because of their professional work, but threats and intimidation have not worked in the past and will not work in the future,” Samaan added.

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