NC pays tributes to Mirza Afzal Beg, G M Shah on their death anniversaries

Srinagar: Opposition National Conference (NC) has paid glowing tributes to its veteran leaders Late Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg and Late Khwaja Ghulam Mohuiddin Shah on their 36th and 14th death anniversaries respectively.

On Sunday, the NC president Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that “Beg’s contributions and vital role in the history of Jammu and Kashmir’s struggle for dignity especially in the Quit Kashmir Movement and the land-to-tiller reform movement would be remembered for all times to come,” according to a statement issued here by the party.

He said that “Late Beg’s ideological and political struggle against Autocracy and his sacrifices rendered in the cause of espousing the sentiments of the people have altered the direction of history.”

Recollecting the contribution of Late Khwaja Ghulam Mohuiddin Shah in “selflessly serving National Conference for decades”, Dr. Abdullah said that “Khwaja Ghulam Mohuiddin Shah’s vital role in framing the Autonomy Document and consolidating an ideological support for the restoration of Autonomy in the State was an open, glorious chapter for people to read.”

He further said that “Late Khwaja Ghulam Mohuiddin Shah was an epitome of loyalty, truthfulness and sincerity. Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that Late Khwaja Ghulam Mohuiddin Shah served the party in various key positions with great dedication.

NC’s vice president Omar Abdullah also paid “glorious tributes to both and remembered their contributions in scripting a glorious era of public service.”


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