Mirwaiz lashes out at New Delhi  based media, says youth have every right to question leadership

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Monday lambasted the Indian media while  terming it shallow and frustrated after a video of a Kashmiri youth questioning Hurriyat  was misused by the sections of New Delhi based media.

Mirwaiz took to his twitter handle and bashed Indian media for its misinterpretation of a clip  involving a  young Kashmiri boy Sheikh Irfan questioning Hurriyat leadership, “ Indian media repeatedly exposes their shallowness and frustration! The Youth of Kashmir like Irfan Sheikh who are at the forefront of the freedom movement, giving immense sacrifices, have every right to question their leadership and vent their emotions,” he wrote on his twitter handle


Mirwaiz said that the Kashmiri  youth had every right to question their leadership

Mirwaiz further condemned  Indian media  terming the misinterpretation of the video as deplorable , “It is deplorable that this boy is being made a tool by this insensitive media in a vicious propaganda campaign.” He tweeted

Indian media channels like republic and others that are known for its anti Kashmir stance had played the video repeatedly condemning the Hurriyat

Earlier Sheikh Irfan had  told The Kashmir press that he considered Hurriyat as his ‘family’ and that he was upset , “ I can never say anything against Hurriyat or any of its members, they are like a family to me, they are our representatives,” he said

He had condemned the Indian media for taking his words out of context, “Indian media had edited the video to their taste, it was a conversation not a small clip, I had my grudge with the Hurriyat and I was just venting out,” he said




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