Wronged for decades, Gujjars demand similar rights on forest lands

The Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir have demanded extension of same Forest Rights Act 2006 to the state with immediate effect.

Demanding similar rights on forest lands which were made available to other scheduled tribe (ST) communities in mainland India, the Gujjars from J&K raised the issue in a meeting of Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation— a premier organization of Gujjars.

The members of tribal community, according to a statement, said that in J&K more than 95% of nomadic Gujjars are landless and shelter less.

The statement said that Gujjars “deserves dwelling rights on forest lands which they are using as traditional inhabitants since many centuries”.

Dr. Javaid Rahi, who presided over the meeting said “to give benefits to scheduled tribes, the Forest Rights Act implemented in all the major states of India must be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir as well.



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