New Delhi befooling Indian masses: Waza

 Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League vice chairman and Hurriyet AJK leader Syed Aijaz Rehmani has strongly condemned the arrest of party chairman, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza and continued human rights violations and barbarism of Indian forces on Kashmiris.
Syed Aijaz Ahmad Rehmani in a statement issue here stated   General Rawat’s  statement reflects brute mindset based on military might of India.  “Indian Army Chief needs to revisit basic historical facts before issuing such threats to the people of Kashmir,” it stated
The Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League Chairman, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza  expressed concern over the provocative remarks of the Indian Army Chief and said that such statements cannot weaken the freedom struggle and sentiments of the people of Kashmir. He reiterated to continue freedom movement till its complete success despite all odds.
He said New Delhi was be fooling the Indian people by it’s false propaganda . He further added  Kashmiris were determined to take their struggle to its logical end.

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