Most transparent system adopted for allotment of PG seats: BOPEE

The Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE) today made it clear that a transparent system of counseling has been adopted for allocation MD/MS/ PG Diploma seats to the candidates on the basis of the NEET score.

In a statement issued here today a spokesman of BOPEE said the Board has transformed the whole process of counseling which is visible from the fact that the first online list was notified just few hours after the judgment of the Division Bench on 01-05-2018.

“Ordinarily, it would have taken two weeks together to prepare the list which is a cumbersome and tedious exercise,” it said adding that the candidates have been facilitated by way of sending them SMS/e-mails on different occasions reflecting the transparency prevalent in the Board

It said the Board shifted to offline counseling during second round due to internet issues which cropped up due to the prevailing circumstances for which provision is available in the NEET Brochure.

It said the process for physical round of counseling was elucidated in detail and the candidate has to be physically present at the time of availability of the seat.“During the up-gradation round also on 07-05-2018 the seats were allotted purely on the basis of merit cum preferences and availability of the seats at the relevant point of time,” it said.

Adding to this it said that even the candidates were given an option to upgrade in case a seat of their choice became available at a later point during the day of counseling considering the superior merit of the candidate, which ordinarily is not permitted.

According to the statement, the counseling of PGD Pathology ended at 8.32 pm when the seat was allotted to an available candidate at Jammu and no other candidate was available in Srinagar.

The counseling forms reflect the time of allotment of the seats also to the candidates. Any candidate who had left the Board office and did not chose to participate in the process and wait for the seats which were duly reflected on the monitor available in the BOPEE Office cannot claim under any circumstances that his/her merit has been ignored.

Such a candidate must have chosen to leave the Board office on his/her own choice. Board cannot go by whims and wishes of such candidates.

According to the statement, on 09-05-2018 some miscreants barged into the BOPEE office and damaged the cable wire to ensure that seats are not displayed.

“But during the counseling the candidates were offered all the seats available. It is a concocted story that any seat has been hidden by the Board to favor any particular candidate, which is reflected from the seat matrix available,” it said.

It said that the seats which become available during the course of counseling on minute to minute basis are being reflected in the updated seat matrix on the monitor.

“The Board has serious reservation to the view that kith and kin of Board officials/officers are provided seats, which is ill conceived, mischievous and far from the truth and is only aimed at maligning the institution and erode its credibility,” it said adding that no candidate who is eligible to compete in the process can be stopped notwithstanding his/her relationship.

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