General Bipin Rawat has lost his mind: Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam  

Mufti Azam (designate) and vice chairman of Muslim personal law board, Mufti Nasir Ul Islam has said that General Bipin Rawat has lost his mind as he could not read the writings on the wall.

“The statement of the general Rawat proves that he has lost his mind,” Mufti said.

“He is self-contradictory. He is unable to digest that Kashmiris are continuing with the freedom struggle despite a war being waged by the state against them”.

Mufti said like Rawat, the Britishers also said that they will not leave India, but they have to in 1947.

“It is clear now, Kashmir struggle it as crucial juncture. Even the army chief is perturbed and is issuing open threats to Kashmiris,” Mufti said.

“He is the same general who said he will bring people to their knees in few months. Using all brutal methods to suppress people has not worked. Now the general is issuing open threats. He should know that people in Kashmir have even defeated death, not to speak of army”.

Indian army chief General Bipin Rawat has earlier said that Kashmiris should note down that they will not achieve freedom, come what may.

Further, Mufti said the General was unaware of the ground realities in Kashmir.

He said the army chief needs to understand that the situation in Kashmir is different to what it was in the 90s.

Mufti said the youth in Kashmir are aware of what they are doing.

“Today educated youth are picking up guns, leaving behind life of comfort for the cause. Imams and scholars are sacrificing their lives and standing up against oppression,” Mufti said.

“When everyone is sacrificing and working towards the cause, it means Azaadi is not far General sahab”.

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