Srinagar: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Wednesday introduced the first female pilot in Pakistan from Kashmir, Maryam Mujtaba.

In a video posted on Youtube by PIA,  Maryam revealed how she had been dreaming to fly from her childhood days, stating, “PIA gave me wings to fly.”

Stating how her parents were aware of her desire to be a pilot, she recalled how her father enrolled her into a flying school. When she procured her Commercial Pilot License (CPL), the airlines, at that time, had issued advertisements which led her to apply there.

Maryam passed exam and subsequently joined the airlines. She called flying ‘the best profession for girls’.

Urging all parents to motivate their daughters, she said that parents should realize the power they hold over their daughters’ lives. “They should motivate them to bring the best out of themselves,” she said.

This post was published on November 8, 2018