Srinagar: In a shocking incident, two boys aged between 11 and 12 years sodomised two minor boys of age four and six in old city’s Tujgari Mohalla.

According to the locals, the two little boys belonging to Sheikh Colony of Tujgari Mohalla had gone to pluck apricots from the nearby Haribat fort when they were way laid by two boys aged between 11 and 12 years.

A local, a relative of one of the accused, told The Kashmir Press that the two accused were just kids and people were raising this issue unnecessarily to attract attention.

“It is just a mistake, and they should be pardoned,” he declared.

The police confirmed to The Kashmir Press that two boys were sodomised by the accused.

The police said the accused tricked the two little boys and took to them to the nearby fort.

Due to sodomy, the police said one of the two little boys was bleeding profusely and was rushed to the hospital.

 “One of the kids has been taken to the hospital and is under observation for 24 hours,” official said.

The official said the one of the victim’s father Zahoor Ahmad lodged a complaint about his child being sodomised at Nowhatta police station.

 “The accused are minors too and are at large, we have sent a police party to get them,” he said

Child sexual abuse is rarely reported in Kashmir given the sensitivity associated with it, experts blame taboo and stigma associated with it.

“It is prevalent in the society but under reported because of the conservative nature of the society,” said Dr Arif Maghribhi Khan a psychiatrist

This post was published on June 11, 2018