Special audit report of BGSBU reveals financial irregularities, violation of procurement norms

Srinagar, Feb 18: A special audit report of the Jammu and Kashmir government regarding Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University (BGSBU) Rajouri, has pointed out large-scale financial irregularities and violation of norms on account of procurements made by the university.

According to the Special Audit Report of Directorate of Audit and Inspections, sent to Higher Education Department, J&K Government, has made several observations and recommendations in respect of working of the University based on the examination of records.

While taking review of the establishment section of the University, the Audit team observed that service records of employees were not being maintained and updated as per the prescribed procedures.

“It has also been observed that some of the important positions of the University are being manned by the re-employed teachers working in the University in contrary to the UGC model guidelines for re-employment,” the Audit report reads, adding that a superannuated re-employed teacher shall not be eligible for holding administrative or financial responsibilities at the institution or elsewhere.

The Audit has revealed that Prof Parvez Iqbal, Retired Faculty Dean Academic affairs and co-ordinator of TEQIP-III after attaining superannuation on June 30 of 2018 is still holding various administrative and financial powers.

“Assignment of financial powers to superannuated re-employed officers is fraught with risks in view of lack of accountability, absence of deterrence of the service codes or any mechanism for recovery in case of loss, fraud or embezzlement,” the audit report has observed.

The Audit report has also raised queries over management of Welfare Fund being utilised by the University authorities saying that the payments out of the welfare fund were released and sanctioned as “Grant-in-Aid” to the employees who are suffering from serious illness.

“However, no specific guidelines in respect of payments from the welfare fund have been laid down by the University and thus the payments made out of the Fund could not be verified in absence of specific guidelines,” it reads.

The Audit has also revealed that welfare fund @ Rs.100 per employee is being deducted from the salaries and is credited into a separate bank account no.894 in JK Bank BGSBU as Welfare Fund Account.

The Audit report has observed that some of the purchases were made by the University during the period under enquiry in contravention to the codal provisions.

“For the procurement of 200 student desks, the supply order issued to the firm is that of steel desk and the survey committee also submitted its report that goods so purchased are as per the quantity and specifications mentioned in the supply order. But the bill of payment provided by the supplier indicates that the desks are made of wood instead of steel which is contrary to the terms and conditions of the supply order and grave financial malfeasance, causing loss to the Exchequer,” it reads.

The Audit report has also revealed that the multi-media projector and projection screen have been purchased in contravention of the norms. “The maker of the product so procured has not been mentioned either in the supply order or in the bills of payment,” it reads. kno

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