Only people’s govt will end lingering instability in J&K: NC’s Mustafa Kamaal

Srinagar Jan 11: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Additional General Secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamaal on Wednesday said that instability will continue to embroil Jammu and Kashmir, until people’s democratic, and constitutional rights aren’t restored.

In a statement Dr Kamaal said, “The August 05, 2019 decisions have obviously not fared well in any region of J&K. People in Kargil have already been against the repeal of Articles 370, 35 A and division of the state. People in Leh are increasingly voicing against the decisions and seeking more safeguards for the protection of their culture, land and job rights. The situation is no different in both Kashmir and Jammu provinces.”

He further added, “People need to be heard. That opportunity has not been provided, unfortunately. The restoration of our rights does not just mean the return to Statehood. We want to be treated as citizens with equal rights. The continuance of the bureaucratic rule has compounded the problems of people and precipitated developmental deficit and administrative inertia. Unless there is no people’s government in the region, there are no solutions in sight to seek their redressal.

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