Azad demands reopening of Teetwal crossing points, resumption of LOC trade to boost employment in border areas

Karnah, October 20: Former Chief Minister and Azad Democratic Party Chief Ghulam Nabi Azad today demanded resumption of cross-border trade, opening of Teetwal Corridor point in north Kashmir which he says will provide employment opportunities to the youth of the border areas.

He said this while addressing a massive public gathering in the border village of Tetwal during his 3-day tour today.

He advocated the re-opening of transit points across the border which will help to lessen growing unemployment in the border areas. He also emphasized that cross-border trade should be restored.

Azad said that these crossing points were opened during his tenure under which thousands of people went across to meet their relatives.

He said that again people should be allowed to trade goods across the border.

Azad also said that recently he has been accused of being against Gujjars and Paharis.

“I was never against the people of hills, but from time to time I supported this section. My heart is with the people of the border and hilly areas because he also belongs to a hilly area.”

He added that people of Jammu and Kashmir are facing a lot of difficulties and problems.

Saying that people of Karnah have been struggling for a tunnel on Sadhana Top for years, he promised that after coming to power his first priority will be to built a the tunnel on Sadna top for the people of Karnah.

” When I was in power I planned for the construction and development of the border areas, which people still remember. I approved the construction of the hospital here. I am happy that the work I did in Karnah is visible at the ground level.” kns

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