Tehsildars authorised to issue certificate of residence to people residing in Jammu for more than a year

Srinagar, Oct 12: The Deputy Election Officer (DEO) has authorized Tehsildars to issue certificate of residence to people residing in Jammu for more than a year so as to facilitate their entry into the ongoing special summary revision of electoral rolls.  

According to the order issued by the DEO Avni Lavasa, a special summary revision 2022 has started in UT of the Jammu and Kashmir with effect from 15-09-2022 for registration of new voters, deletion, correction, transposition
of voters who have migrated, died since last summary revision;

“Whereas, as per guidelines issued by Election Commision of India, and of the following documents can be accepted as proof of residence: water/electricty/ gas connection for one year, Adhaar card, Indian passport, current passbook of nationalised/scheduled bank/post office revenue departments land owning record including kisan bahi registered rent/lease deed (in case of tenant) Registered sale deed in case of own house,” the order reads

“Whereas these guidelines further provides that any other proof of residence can also be accepted for registration of new voters. Whereas these guidelines further provides that in case none of the mentioned documents is available, field verfication is must. As for example, category like homeless Indian citizens who are otherwise elgible to become electors but do not posses any documentary proof of ordinary residence, electoral registration officer shall designate
field verfication”

According to the order during review meetings taken with the field fucntionaries viz electoral registration officers etc, “it has been noticed that some eligible voters are facing harships in registration as voters for non availblity of documents mentioned hereinabove”.

“Now therefore keeping in view the urgency involved in the matter to ensure that no eligible voter is left for registration during the special summary revision 2022 in district jammu, all Tehsiladras are authorised to issue certificate of residence after conducting necessary field verifications to the person residing in district Jammu for more than one year, for the purpose”.

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