Depressing, Disturbing Political Scenario in J&K, says Tarigami

Srinagar, Oct 10: Senior CPI (M) leader and PAGD spokesman Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami on Monday said that the political scenario in Jammu and Kashmir is very depressing and disturbing as the promised change is not visible on the ground level.

He said that the Government which opened a new chapter in Jammu and Kashmir a few years back is nothing but disappointment. “In the process which started on August 5, 2019, nothing but mischief is visible among the people,” he said, adding that nothing seems to have changed in the ground realities.

He said that the facts on the ground are showing that what was said did not happen. “People will raise their voices when the time comes,” he said. The CPIM leader said that the process started by the government in 2019 has to be changed, then the frustration among the people of Jammu and Kashmir will end.

“It is sad to say that promises were made to the people of Jammu and Kashmir that after the removal of Article 370, there will be jobs in Jammu and Kashmir, but nothing is happening, ” he added. “By distorting constitutional rights, I don’t think people even have hope now,” he said, adding that If people mean anything to the government, they have to change the behavior they have started here which will be good for the country and for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as well.”

About PAGD, he said that the leaders never got a chance to gather together due to the restrictions by the administration. “We tried many times to go out together but nothing happened due to restrictions. However, the journey of PAGD will continue while our priority will remain that we will bring back what has been taken from us,” he added.

“PAGD is now being called a gang by the government and maybe they have forgotten that they had invited us to Delhi,” he said, adding that the Prime Minister said in the meeting at that time ‘delhi ki dooriyan Srinagar ka saath aur dil ki dooriyan han aur ek saath milkr inko kam karna han’ but isn’t it true that these distances are increasing.kns

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