6000 apple laden trucks stuck on Srinagar-Jammu highway: KVFGDU

Srinagar, Oct 08 : Halting of fruit laden trucks on Srinagar-Jammu national highway persists with about 6000 trucks waiting, some since October 2, to reach Jammu.

President Kashmir Valley Fruit Growers Cum Dealers Union (KVFGCDU) Bashir Ahmad said  that for a few days apple laden trucks were allowed to move towards Jammu while halting for just one or two days.

He said since October 02 the situation has again reached to square one with 6000 trucks waiting for their turn to move towards Jammu.

He said that the among the apple laden trucks which are waiting for their turn, there are few hundred trucks which are waiting for their turn since October 2.

He said that on every alternate day around 3000 trucks are getting loaded here in Kashmir but just a few hundreds are allowed to move towards Jammu and others get time after three, five or even seven days to move towards Jammu.

He said that the government claims are confined to press notes only and situation is worse on the ground.

“I have never witnessed such things in last four years,” he said, adding, “even meeting with Home Minister Amit and others have beared no fruits as their assurances have proved hoax on the ground.”

He said that market is also getting down each passing day as fruits are reaching markets late.

Notably, around 70 percent of population in Kashmir are directly or indirectly dependent on apple industry.kno

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