Azad launches his party, names it ‘Democratic Azad Party’

Srinagar, Sep 26: Announcing the name of his party as Democratic Azad Party (DAP), Senior politician Ghulam Nabi Azad Monday said that ‘Azad’ word in the party’s name should be connected with his personal name as it portrays that the party will be “independent.”

He also displayed the party flag having three colours—Mustard, White and Dark Blue.

Addressing a press conference in Jammu, Azad, the former leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, said that there will be no autocracy in his party.

“The wait is over. My party’s name is Democratic Azad Party (DAP). Don’t misconstrue or connect Azad word in the party’s name with my personal name,” he said.

Azad was flanked by former Congress leaders and Ministers Tara Chand, G M Saroori, R S Chib and others.

He said that DAP means the party will be democratic in nature and will follow democratic rules. “Azad doesn’t mean my name but it means the party will be independent in nature and there will be no pressure. And the party doesn’t mean just a party but an institution.

About the flag and its colours, Azad said that Mustard colour means creativity and it also means diversity as well.

“Our country India and J&K is full of diversity. White means peace. We are followers of Gandhiji and will follow path of peace. Dark blue means deep sea, rather a depth from deep sea to skies. We should have depth,” he said.

He said that there will be elections in the party from grassroot level. “We are here to compete at our own level. I have no competition with any party. Will compete like students compete with each other in a classroom. We don’t have any an enemy or foe. Public is supreme and they have to decide about our fate,” Azad said, adding that for him, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians are “just four chambers of a human heart.”

He said that 50 per cent tickets will be given to youth. About article 370, Azad said that he never said it won’t be restored. “I stated if someone can persuade PM Narendera Modiji or Home Minister Amit Shahji. Frankly speaking, I don’t have such influence,” he said. “If someone can persuade Modiji or Shah, they are welcome. I can’t do that as I have no such strength at present.”

On the bill seeking roll back of Article 370, Home Minister got 86 per cent votes while nine parties got only 14 percent votes. “86 per cent matters,” he said.

Replying to a query, Azad said that Article 370 was the child of accession that remained in force for 70 long years. “Supreme Court has decided to consider the hearing, let’s see,” he said.

About Congress, he said that he remained affiliated with the party for a long time but he was always a follower of Mahatma Gandhi since his college days

To a query about apple trucks being halted on national highways, Azad said that apple trucks should be prioritized like Ambulances. “The way we give way to Ambulances to proceed on roads, same should be applied on apple trucks. Otherwise, what is the fun of bumper apple crop,” Azad said, adding that the government should also consider and announce compensation to the farmers whose crops got damaged in Jammu areas due to rain and hail storm.kno

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