Crimes against children up by 39% in J&K: NCRB

Srinagar, Sep 02: Crimes against children in Jammu and Kashmir have reported a jump of 39.4 percent in 2021, NCRB data said.

The report, states that J&K has reported 473 crime cases in 2018 followed by 470 in 2019 , 606 in 2020 and then 845 in 2021.

As per data the most prominent crimes against children are kidnapping and abduction as 478 incidents of kidnapping were reported in the year 2021 and in 478 cases 493 victims were involved.

It said there were 1,013 cases of kidnapping and abduction cases recorded in Jammu and Kashmir thereby witnessing 16 percent increase in such cases as in year 2020, 868 such cases were reported

Kidnapping and abduction cases in J&K had shown an abrupt decrease in the last three years as 1,137 such cases were recorded in 2018, 961 in 2019 and 2020 and last year it has increased again as 1,013 such cases were reported last year.

As per data, seven cases of murder of Children, four cases of infanticide and three cases of foeticide in J&K last year

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