Government terminates services of NHM doctor

Srinagar, August 24: Government today terminated services of Medical Officer engaged under National Health Mission (NHM).

” Whereas, unsatisfactory remarks have been made by the Chief Medical Officer, Srinagar in your Annual Performance Report (APR) stating that you have Poor integrity, Non- seriousness, non-punctuality and poor commitment towards your work and your behaviour with Superiors/Colleagues/Sub-ordinates/Public/Patients is also Un-satisfactory and Chief Medical Officer, Srinagar has not clearly recommended for extension of your services,” statement said.

“Whereas, the services of employees working under NHM are subject to satisfactory performance and integrity and are the contract is renewed only after performance appraisal and considering your Annual Performance Report, your services with National Health Mission are terminated with immediate effect and no further renewal is granted in
your favour henceforth,.”

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