Class 3 students in J&K not acquiring required knowledge, reveals official data

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Srinagar, Aug 05: Students of Class-III in Jammu and Kashmir have not achieved the required knowledge and skill to be considered minimally successful regarding curriculum demands, an official document revealed.

The official documents stated that the learners at below basic level are at the early stages of development regarding the curriculum standards.

“They have not achieved the required knowledge and skill to be considered minimally successful regarding curriculum demands. They need guidance at every stage of learning. They need a lot of encouragement and support,” it said.

About the basics, the documents reveal that the learners of 3rd standard demonstrate a minimum level of knowledge and skills related to the curricular demands. “They can follow simple instructions and apply simple rules to achieve the expected performance. Learners have ideas but lack coherence.”

It also stated that the learners can also solve problems using simple logic, and also express themselves using simple language. They need enough guidance at various stages of learning.

Speaking about the proficient category, it reads that the learners have acquired most of the learning outcomes and skills required by the curriculum.

They can work independently with minimum supervision. “Learners have a systematic methodology to solve problems and they can communicate their ideas clearly.”

“They can also connect different ideas and create meaning with minimum guidance and supervision. They can analyze situations and interpret information for application in new situations. Efforts are required to bring all learners to attain the proficient level and above,” it reads.

The documents also state that in the advanced category learners display exceptional mastery of the learning content as prescribed by the curriculum and beyond.

“The students of Class-III are independent with high analytical, reflective and critical thinking. They can connect and integrate concepts and ideas to create new knowledge and meaning and solve complex problems.”

At this level, the learners communicate information with the highest level of creativity and coherence as well as make sound judgments. kno

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